The Client List Grows....​Recent Tree Branch Additions:

✔ Trinity College Rowing ✔ Cardinal Hockey ✔ WMU Volleyball
Appearances.... ✔ Big Rapids Chamber of Commerce ✔ Michigan High School Softball Coaches Association Clinic ✔ Michigan High School Volleyball Coaches Association Clinic
“ Tree - I just want to say thank you again for everything....I've been walking on egg shells around players and parents and have just honestly felt a little bullied. I haven't enjoyed coaching much over the last 4 years, up until this season following your clinic. Something just clicked for me in that clinic, and I've gone back to my roots so to speak and found the old me again. I found my spirit again and have just been me. I've been empowered to hold others accountable again (including myself), and I just feel so much better. As a result, those around me are feeling better, feeling empowered and feeling excited for what's to come. So thank you for all that you do. It makes a difference, and that difference is huge! ”

Undisclosed Coach